Jean-Raphaël To-Landry

Jean-Raphaël is a young and energetic coach who built his hockey knowledge by playing his entire life and recently by coaching in hockey schools. He is a former player of the Collège Français de Longueuil in the LHJAAAQ where he won the Napa Cup in 2013 as an assistant captain.

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Ioana Frandes

TEAM INSTRUCTORS: My name is Frandes Ioana. Throughout the years of high school I have been involved in many volunteering activities for children, and my greatest passion is sport. I started at the age of 2 years with swimming, later kitesurfing and winter sports such as ski, snowboarding and skating.

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Turo Virta

Born on 08.01.1982 in Ylöjärvi, Finland. Turo Virta is a personal trainer from Tampere, Finland. He played hockey as a professional defender in Finland, Germany and Italy for 12 years and in more than 500 games.

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Alexandru Munteanu

Head of Team Fitness preparation My name is Alexandru Munteanu, I'm a personal coach at World Class Romania, a nutritionist and a physical instructor. I play sports since I was 6, starting with swimming, karate for 2 years ( I won the gold medal at Wu Shu).

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