Ioana Frandes

TEAM INSTRUCTORS: My name is Frandes Ioana. Throughout the years of high school I have been involved in many volunteering activities for children, and my greatest passion is sport. I started at the age of 2 years with swimming, later kitesurfing and winter sports such as ski, snowboarding and skating.

Weiterlesen: Ioana Frandes

Turo Virta

Turo Virta, geboren am 8.1.1982 in Ylöjärvi, Finnland, ist ein Personal Trainer aus Tampere, Finnland. Er spielte 12 Jahre lang als professioneller Verteidiger Eishockey in Finnland, Deutschland und Italien, und bestritt dort insgesamt über 500 Spiele.

Weiterlesen: Turo Virta

Alexandru Munteanu

Head of Team Fitness preparation My name is Alexandru Munteanu, I'm a personal coach at World Class Romania, a nutritionist and a physical instructor. I play sports since I was 6, starting with swimming, karate for 2 years ( I won the gold medal at Wu Shu).

Weiterlesen: Alexandru Munteanu